One purple package of uNeat Breathable Sanitary pads with Odor Neutralizing Technology. Ultra thin, 30 count, Regular size (7.09 in / 180 mm). The purple packaging features a green leaf logo with a yellow flower (uNeat flower logo).
Image of uNeat Breathable Sanitary Pads on a purple background. Text: Secure Fit Wings confidence for any activity. Securely in place with uniquely designed wings ensuring maximum coverage
image of uNeat Breathable Sanitary Pads in purple background. The image showcases key features: Calendula infused core, advanced odor-neutralizing technology and gentle skin care and long-lasting freshness.
Image of a model holding a uNeat Breathable Sanitary Pads on a purple background. Text in image: Ultra Thin Soft and Breathable. Ideal for daily use. Perfect for light flow days or weak bladder.
Image of uNeat Breathable Sanitary Pads on a purple background. A breakdown illustrates the pad's five layers and their features: 1st layer - Ultra soft and breathable for comfort, superior leak prevention. 2nd layer - Calendula-infused core within dual protective layers. 3rd layer - Super absorbent layer for maximum dryness. 4th layer - Additional dual protective layers. 5th layer - Breathable back sheet for freshness.
Close-up product photography of uNeat sanitary pads Mini with wings size, individually wrapped and sealed. Wrapped for privacy. Sealed for health
Close-up of uNeat Breathable Sanitary Pads in various sizes. purple background. Text on image: "Dreamed Up & Designed in the USA. Sized for Personalized Fit & Unparalleled Comfort.”
Close-up product photography of uNeat sanitary pads in various sizes. Each pad displays its absorbency level, size name, size dimensions in millimeters (mm) and inches (in), alongside a corresponding image of the actual sanitary pad.

Mini with Wings, Light Absorbency

Unscented, Eliminates Odor, Light Absorbency

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uNeat Mini with Wings: Ultra-Thin, Light Absorbency Sanitary Pads

Tailored for women and teens, uNeat Mini Pads offer discreet, light-absorbency protection. Unscented and kind to sensitive skin, these ultra-thin pads with wings are designed for daily confidence. Each pad is individually wrapped and sealed for optimal hygiene and the box contains 30 mini-sized pads, perfect for on-the-go needs. Embrace comfort with uNeat Mini—your little secret to staying fresh and secure all day long.

Dreamed Up and Designed in the USA: Our pads were born from cool ideas right here in the States. Showcasing cutting-edge design excellence with main ingredients from the USA, Japan, and beyond.

Individually Wrapped and Sealed: Each pad is hygienically wrapped and sealed, ensuring it remains clean and protected until you're ready to use it. This feature is ideal for maintaining hygiene, whether at home or on the go.

Calendula-Infused Core with Odor Neutralizing Technology: The heart of our pads features a unique blend of natural calendula extract and cutting-edge odor-neutralizing technology. This dual-action core offers gentle skin care and effective helps stop odor, keeping you fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

Secure Fit Wings: Our pads are equipped with uniquely designed wings that ensure the pad remains securely in place. This feature provides you with the confidence to engage in any activity without worry.

Soft Top Sheet and Breathable Back Sheet: Experience enhanced comfort with our breathable back sheet. This feature allows air to circulate, reducing moisture and heat buildup, and ensuring comfort over extended periods.

Ideal for Daily Use: Perfect for light flow days or weak bladder, our mini pads are your go-to choice for everyday use, offering both protection and discretion.
Materials: Non-woven fabric, SAP, calendula core, polyethylene


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