Welcome to uNeat – Empowering Menstrual Health for All

The uNeat brand was born out of a commitment to redefining the approach to menstrual health. Our founder, an accomplished former IT executive with a passion for social impact, leveraged her extensive expertise to establish a company that stands for more than just profit – one that stands for the fundamental right to menstrual hygiene.

Based in the United States, we stand firm in our commitment to create a world where menstrual hygiene is a fundamental right, not a privilege.

Our Vision: Envisioning a future where quality menstrual care is universally accessible, empowering every individual to live confidently and without barriers.

Our Mission:  uNeat is committed to actively expanding access to superior menstrual care products globally. We focus on innovating and distributing affordable, high-quality solutions, directly addressing and overcoming the challenges of period poverty to empower individuals with the freedom and confidence they deserve.

Our Innovation: uNeat, our flagship brand, is a testament to our commitment to excellence and inclusivity. With every product designed in the USA and manufactured by qualified, FDA-registered partners, we ensure that each item reflects our high safety, quality, and reliability standards. Our range, including innovative sanitary pads and Disposable Period Underwear, is tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals seeking dependable menstrual care.

Our Impact: By choosing ALG WW and the uNeat brand, you join us in our mission to make menstrual care universally accessible. We are steadfast in our resolve to contribute to a world where menstrual health is acknowledged and supported, and every purchase helps us move closer to this goal.

Join our cause and be part of a transformative journey with uNeat. Together, we can build a world that respects and upholds menstrual health for every person. as we work towards a future where menstrual health is universally acknowledged and supported.

Welcome to uNeat – Where Your Well-being is Our Commitment.