What are sanitary pads used for?

Sanitary pads are designed to absorb menstrual blood during a woman's menstrual cycle. They adhere to underwear and offer a safe and hygienic way to manage menstrual flow.

How do I choose the right size and absorbency for my needs?

Choose a size and absorbency based on your menstrual flow and comfort. Lighter flows typically require smaller, less absorbent pads, while heavier flows may require larger, more absorbent options. Consider trying different sizes to find your best fit.

Are your sanitary pads safe for sensitive skin?

Our pads are made with hypoallergenic materials to ensure they are safe for sensitive skin. We prioritize skin comfort and safety in all our products.

How often should I change my sanitary pad?

Changingyour sanitary pad every 4-6 hours is recommended, but this can vary based on your menstrual flow. Regular changing is vital for hygiene and comfort.

Can your sanitary pads cause allergies?

While our pads are designed to minimize allergic reactions, individuals with specific sensitivities should check the
product ingredients. We recommend consulting a healthcare professional if you have known allergies.

Can sanitary pads be worn for activities like sports or swimming?

Our sanitary pads are designed for active use, including sports. However, they are unsuitable for swimming as they can absorb water and lose effectiveness.

What size are uNeat pads?
  • Mini with Wings: 180mm
  • Regular: 245mm
  • Long: 295mm
  • Extra Long: 365mm
  • 2X Long: 425mm
How are your sanitary pads environmentally friendly?

Our pads are made with sustainable materials, employing eco-friendly manufacturing processes. They are also packaged in recyclable materials, emphasizing our commitment to reducing environmental impact. Our product packaging is recyclable, but the recycling availability of plastic packaging is different across the states and is constantly changing. Check your local waste management service for recycling information.

What makes your brand of sanitary pads unique?

Our sanitary pads stand out due to their advanced absorbency technology, comfort-focused design, and odor-neutralization technology. We also support women’s health initiatives, reflecting our brand's social responsibility.

How do I properly dispose of a used Sanitary Pad?

After use, wrap the pad in its wrapper or toilet paper and dispose of it in a trash bin. Do not flush sanitary pads; they can clog plumbing and harm the environment.

What is Disposable Period Underwear?

Disposable period underwear is a type of menstrual product designed to offer an all-in-one solution for menstrual management. These are similar in design to regular underwear but incorporate absorbent materials to manage menstrual flow. They are designed to be worn without additional sanitary products like pads or tampons. They are beneficial for those with heavy menstrual flows for overnight protection during postpartum recovery.

How does disposable period underwear differ from regular menstrual pads or tampons?

Unlike pads and tampons, disposable period underwear offers full coverage and is worn like regular underwear. They tend to provide better protection against leaks and are more comfortable for extended wear.

How long can I wear disposable period underwear?

Typically, you can wear disposable period underwear for up to 8 hours, but this may vary based on your menstrual flow. For heavier flows, you might need to change more frequently.

Can disposable period underwear be worn for activities like sports or swimming?

Our period underwear is designed for active use, including sports. However, they are unsuitable for swimming as they can absorb water and lose effectiveness.

How do I properly dispose of a used Disposable Period Underwear?

Dispose of the wrapped period underwear in a regular trash bin. It's important not to flush them down the toilet as they can cause blockages and are not biodegradable in a sewage system.

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